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Paulina do Coração Agonizante de Jesus (1865-1942)

Local CPA helps area businesses save taxes and increase profits $$$!

  Financial Structure Analysis

We know the importance of solid financial relationships.  We are dedicated to serving the needs of growing and established  businesses.  We want to make certain that money for growth is available and that your company is in position to receive funding and the best available terms.  

As your business advisor, we meet with management, owners, and/or the Board of Directors to discuss financial results, strategy, operating results, cash flows, and financing structures. Because we are an established Certified Public Accounting firm, and maintain total & complete client confidentiality, we have the unique ability to provide valuable insights. 



Our Professional Financial Structure Analysis services include:

  •  Bank Contact Development

  •  SBA Loan Packages

  • Seda-Cog Packages

  • Financial Statement Analysis

  • LOC

  • Leasing

  • Sale Leasebacks

  • Building & Site Analysis:  Funding, Location and Marketing Plans and etc…

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