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At Jeff’s Recycling Center we can assist in helping you achieve your green goal implementation strategies.  Here are some of the green ways that we recycle:

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    NEW: Green update! 


  • We offer scrap containers to business and industry to collect scrap at you site.    We drop off and pick up the scrap containers and often can pay your company for materials that you used to pay the trash man to haul away.  Please call to see if this is the right green decision for your company.

  • Our Enviro Rack system helps recycle over 1000 gallons a month of motor oil, transmission fluid and other auto fluids from the recycling process (we do NOT accept used oil from the public at this time).

  • Our diversion ditch system is designed to move runoff water safely (without causing erosion) from roads/mountains and away from the recycling area/scrap yard.

  • Our main recycling & scrap areas are concrete.  Part of our yearly green investment is to expand our concreted areas.

  • We can deliver onsite containers so you can recycle scrap metals without leaving your business.  Speak to Jeff or Steve about volume levels and scrap recycling options.

  • Our state of the art balers and shears can handle all sizes of recycling & scrap needs.  We recycle in a safe & green manner.

  • Don’t forget you can “get green $$$ for going green” when recycling your metals at Jeff’s Recycling Center. 


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